RxMS provides support and follow up for all services.

If you are unable to find the information you need within our site, please e-mail our support team or phone our technical support hotline at 1-888-329-2321.

Equipment Installation? The Installation section provides detailed instructions on how to install our monitors to your equipment.
RxMS Hardware? This sections offers images and links for information about our equipment.
Confused about the type of Wiring Device required for installation? The Adapter section provides charts to assist in ordering the proper device.
Why are you having power quality problems? Tech Notes offers additional information to help determine and understand what may be the cause of power quality issues.
Equipment Data Sheets? This section provides specifications about RxMS equipment.
Interested in Harmonics? RxMS offers visitors a Free Guide to Understanding Harmonics, sent via E-mail.
Understanding the Rx Report? A tutorial is provided through powerpoint to guide you through each section of a Rx report.
Frequently Asked Questions section also provides typical questions and answers regarding common issues when ordering and installing power quality equipment.


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