Get Accurate Results and Maximum System Uptime using RxMS Remote Power Quality Analysis and Diagnostic Services Worldwide! RxMS provides its customers with the most accurate data acquisition tools at the lowest cost per site!

Complete Site Inspections Include:

  • Power Quality Analysis & Environmental Analysis: RxMS upgrades, tests and calibrates every monitor insuring that the data retrieved from the site is not compromised. RxMS developed Remote Processing Technology (RPT) to economically compare the data gathered at the site to our computer database.
  • Line Impedance Tests: The line impedance test uses the Z-Brick in conjunction with the EPA. A load is added under precise intervals and exact voltage measurements are taken and the data is stored on the EPA.
  • Comprehensive Reports: An RxMS comprehensive report providing unbiased solutions is typically sent within 72 hours of the data download. The reports are proactive, easy to read and understand. Rx Monitoring Services provides support and follow-up consultation services upon client request.
  • Service Programs: No need to purchase expensive equipment. Choose one, ten or contract terms.
  • Economical & Labor Free Installation: For most equipment, the installation of the test equipment can be done safely and easily in less then 5 minutes with the use of the RxMS AC Adapter.
  • Automated Site Assistance Program™: Rx Monitoring Services has a very easy to use system that requires no training! Because RxMS is a service, you get the advice of experts as if they were on your own staff!

Our worldwide service can be customized around your exact equipment specifications to perform such activities as: testing the power and grounding quality, temperature, humidity (optional) and other parameters.

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