Our Services provide remote on-site power analysis surveys followed up with comprehensive reports generated from the data collected using the RxMS power quality monitors.

RxMS upgrades, tests, and calibrates every monitor insuring that the data you get from the site is not compromised.

By outsourcing your site monitoring to RxMS, you are guaranteed unbiased advice and solutions!

Learn more about what our complete Site Inspections include when you outsource to Rx Monitoring Services.


The RxMS Power Quality Site Survey:

  • We ship an Rx power quality monitor to your site.
  • Your technician installs the monitor - The Rx Monitor is safe and easy to install.
  • Data is collected typically for seven to ten days.
  • Uninstall the monitor, ship back to our facility and we do the rest!

The RxMS Power Quality Site Analysis:

  • The data collected is downloaded at our facility.
  • Typically within 72 hours of download, a customized, comprehensive power quality analysis report is generated around your equipment’s specific environmental needs.
  • Our unbiased expert support team provides technical consultation and follow up to provide you with the best advice and solutions on your power quality issue.

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